Flooding in Louisiana

I’m not sure how much they showed about the flooding in Louisiana on national television, but down here it was a huge thing. We were lucky to be in a spot that apparently was a little higher and had better drainage than a lot of places in the area.

My mother-in-law was not so lucky. The city recently came in and redid a bridge that is just a hundred yards or so down the road from her house, right at the end of her yard. When they did this, they apparently closed off some of the drainage canal that runs along one side of her yard. In December, we had some heavy rain and her house was one of the only ones that flooded.

She ended up getting about two feet of water in her house and lost all of her furniture. They had to end up staying in a hotel for almost three months while the house was being gutted and fixed. They had just moved back in around March of this year.

Then comes historic rains and flooding again. Everyone in the area was affected to some degree or another. Their house ended up getting three feet of water this time. They’re currently working on fixing their house again. And of course they lost all their furniture again. Luckily, FEMA stepped up both times and is paying to replace everything.

This time, while the walls are all torn out, they decided to have some closed cell spray foam sprayed in. Obviously, it will help with the ungodly temperatures we’ve been having lately, but supposedly it’s great for keeping water out also. I guess we’ll see, because I’m pretty sure she can expect to get water in her home again.

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Tree Trimming and Yard Clean Up

When we moved into our house a little over a year ago we had a mess of a backyard!  It looked like no one had done anything in 20 years.  Trees were planted wherever with no rhyme or reason.  Air potato vines had climbed up all the fences and trees and were beyond out of control.  Long story short the backyard was a disaster area.

C and I worked countless hours ripping out vines, trimming trees, trying to tame the beast that was our yard.  No amount of work we did made a dent in the look.  I swear that stuff grew faster than we could rip it out.

We hadn’t fully purchased the house when we moved in, we did a rent for a few months then purchase thing, so the day after we signed the papers saying the house was ours we called in the pros to get the job done.  Within an hour of the owner of Lafayette’s Best Tree Service coming over and giving us our quote and us agreeing to the price we had guys over here going to town cutting down all the useless trees that were long overdue to come out and taking down all the vines.  By the end of the first day of the tree trimming we already had a completely different yard.  Continue reading “Tree Trimming and Yard Clean Up”

Homestead Update

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted, but not a whole lot has been going on around here.

It’s been back and forth on the weather here in the Lafayette area.  High 30’s one day then in the 70’s the next.  So that has put a damper on some of the outside projects like the garden.  We did however rehome 2 of the roosters that we raised since they couldn’t manage to keep their beaks shut. They now live on a farm in the country where they can crow their little hearts out.  With them gone I’ve convinced C to allow me to order more chicks!!!!  These ones however will come from a hatchery and have been sexed so we should get only females.  There is a chance of a male sneaking in there but it’s a chance I’m willing to take.  C has also requested that there be ducklings in the mix!!!  We have to order 25 babies either way so 5 are gonna be some ducks!  This means putting in a pond of some sort so that should be interesting!

We’re waiting our tax refund (much like most of America) so that we can get some projects around here done.  The garden and the duck pond are of course on this list, so is painting the living room, a summer vacation for the family, and possibly a 2 night trip for just C and me!  We have NEVER gone on vacation, unless you call going to my parents house as a vacation…and trust me it doesn’t count!  So come on tax money momma needs to relax!  Of course it will also pay our bills and all that adult stuff too.

For those of you who don’t know C and me personally, which is all of you cause no one knows I write this blog, we do not agree on our decorating style.  So painting the living room could prove interesting.  I want to paint the ceiling white, currently it’s the natural wood color.  I’ve seen pictures of houses with ceilings like mine painted white and they are glorious!!!!  I want it!  C on the other hand wants to leave it the natural wood.  This could come down to a coin flip or a bet.  LOL. OOOOOHHHHH maybe a SuperBowl bet!!!! We shall see!

The garden is at a standstill until I can buy the fencing for it and then prep the ground for planting.  With the Acadiana version of the ground hog not seeing his shadow this morning we’re suppose to have an early Spring, which is funny cause we never really had a winter.  Still need to plot out exactly what I plan on planting though.  Chop chop huh?

The duck’s pond will probably be just a simple metal water trough thing like the horse people use.  Depending on where the plug on it is located will depend on if we dig a hole to put it down into the ground at least a little bit or not. First we should probably figure out exactly which one we’ll be getting first though and go from there.

Well time to get ready to go take the kids to the movies!  Kung Fu Panda 3 here we come!!!!



Hello world!

Hello there internet people!  First post so let’s see how this goes!

My life tends to be what I believe is normal.  I live in the middle of town, but want to live the country life.  I have a few chickens and will be adding in a garden for the Spring.  I have 3 great kids whom make me crazy but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

About my kids:  I have 3 kids, A (girl) who is 9 1/2 going on 25, K (boy) who just turned 6, and E (girl) who is a little spitfire at 2 1/2.  A and K go to school, I know a lot of people who do the whole chickens and homestead scene homeschool their kids but that is just not for us.  I don’t have the patience for it and they thrive there.  I’m not against homeschooling, but it’s just not for us.  E stays home with me and doesn’t attend any sort of daycare so it’s hard to get things done with her underfoot, but I manage

About my husband:  C was born and raised in the area that we live in now.  We met when he was in the U.S. Navy and stationed near my home town in Central California.  We married 2 years after we met and chose to live where there was work at the time and that was in Louisiana.  C was an offshore surveyor until the slow down in the oilfield caused him to be one of the thousands that was laid off.

About my home:  We own a 4 bedroom home on a small dead end street.  For being in town we have a good size yard.  The people who built it gave it to their son who is the one that we bought it from.  We have been working to make it more ours and it’s getting there.  A lot of work has gone into the house the past year, and there’s much more to do still.  It’s pretty quiet except for the teenagers who can’t seem to drive safely, park correctly, or take care of their yard.  I loathe their inability to pick up newspapers from their yard or to mow their lawn.  I do realize I sound like a crazy old lady.

About our normal animals:  We have 2 dogs, an English Mastiff and a Chihuahua/Rat Terrier mix.  5 cats that we claim, all are rescues.  Most are what are called foster failures.  I foster for the local shelter and whatever rescue group needs a foster at the time.  We own a Sugar Glider named MoMo.  And of course a bunch of fish, and I mean like 30 since we apparently have something in the water that makes the fertile as all hell.

About my chickens:  I currently have 5 cochin chickens.  Unfortunately in my hast to get chickens I agree to a straight run of 5 chicks.  This gave me the pleasure of 3 roosters and 2 hens. We named the roosters Moonlight, Extra Crispy, and Original the hens are BatChick and Nugget.  While cochin chickens are usually quiet chickens my roosters aren’t.  One thing you should be if you have roosters is a morning person, I am not a morning person at all.  This makes for an interesting mix when those little buggers start in with their crowing.  We’re currently looking into rehoming the roosters and getting more hens.

Our garden:  Last year we had just moved into the house and decided to make a small garden.  It was a puny little garden that failed miserably.  This year’s garden is planned to be a 8 by 16 garden next to the chicken’s coop.  I’m thrilled at the thought of having a reason to go to Tractor Supply and buy some stuff for me!  I’m really hoping that the garden thrives this year.  The kids really enjoy picking the fresh grown food, eating it is another story though.  Not sure what all we’re gonna plant this Spring, but I’m so excited to start planning!

Well I think that’s enough for the moment, but shall post again soon!  Until next time.